ASP.NET Classified Ad Solutions

Our highly scalable, easily customizable, multi-purpose, cloud-ready ASP.NET Classified Ad-Listing Solutions provide a robust platform for creating and managing classified ad directories. With our solution, businesses can effortlessly showcase their products and services, while users can easily search, browse, and connect with relevant listings. Our cloud-ready architecture ensures optimal performance and scalability, while the customizable features allow businesses to tailor the directory to their specific needs. Whether it's a local classifieds platform, job board, real estate listing, or any other classified ad directory, our solution provides the flexibility and functionality to support various industries and requirements.

AD Listing Solutions

Here is a list of main classified Ad Listing solutions released by Mediasoftpro.

ASP.NET Real-Estate Solution

ASP.NET PlacoRealEstate is a robust real estate solution on the ASP.NET core framework. It offers a powerful platform for managing and showcasing properties, with features like listings, search, profiles, and integration with maps and social media. PlacoRealEstate simplifies property transactions, designed to be user-friendly, scalable, and customizable to meet industry needs.

ASP.NET Car Listing Solution

ASP.NET PlacoCarListings is a flexible and cloud-ready solution for car listings, serving the needs of buying, selling, and renting vehicles. It offers a comprehensive platform for individuals and businesses in the automotive industry, providing a user-friendly interface, strong functionality, and the ability to adapt to various business needs.

ASP.NET Job Listings Solution

ASP.NET PlacoRecruiter is a versatile job recruiting solution that connects employers with job seekers. It offers a comprehensive set of features for job posting, candidate management, and communication, simplifying the recruitment process. PlacoRecruiter is easily customizable to meet specific organizational needs, providing a user-friendly interface and extensive functionality.

ASP.NET Classified AD Solution

ASP.NET PlacoClassifiedAds is a versatile cloud-based solution for classified ad listings. It offers a comprehensive platform for buying and selling products and services, customizable to meet specific needs. Whether for personal use or a large-scale marketplace, PlacoClassifiedAds provides a flexible and scalable solution for efficient classified ad management.

ASP.NET Pet Listings Solution

ASP.NET PlacoPetListings is a specialized classified ad listing solution for buying and selling pets. It offers a comprehensive platform for individuals and businesses in the pet industry to connect and showcase their pets. With tailored features and a user-friendly interface, PlacoPetListings provides a secure platform for finding the perfect pet companion.